3-Steps To Become A Successful Watercolor Professional From Scratch

This step-by-step masterclass will reveal the secrets of becoming a confident watercolor professional (even if you've tried and failed in the past)

In this step-by-step free masterclass you’ll discover: 

  • ​How to learn painting confidently like a watercolor professional really fast even if you don’t know how to draw or paint!
  • ​How to start earning money immediately once you learn to paint like a professional.
  • ​How to earn consistently and effortlessly within the comfort of your home without frustration, overwhelm, or struggling for years.

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What Other Watercolor Professionals Are Saying About Meeta Dani

I've often felt like a queen of disasters, facing numerous challenges that could have easily derailed my artistic pursuits. One such challenge was a dislocated right shoulder blade and a cora-coclavicular ligament tear, which left me in excruciating pain. I had resigned myself to abandoning painting for a few months. However, it was my mentor's unwavering belief in overcoming adversity that inspired me to pick up the brush again. I am deeply grateful to her for this unwavering support.

There are many who can teach you the techniques for painting but what really differentiates Meeta ma'am from the rest is her unique style of teaching and guiding. What sets my mentor apart is her belief in individualism. She not only encourages but celebrates my artistic experiments, allowing me to chart my own course of exploration. In her unique approach, she serves as a guiding star, illuminating the path while allowing her students the freedom to navigate their own artistic journey.
- Madhubanti Mukherjee
Here's what happened in just 30-days when I followed Meeta's process…I launched my first online course without any paid Ads. I started earning consistently WITHOUT awards and recognitions or a website of my own. I earned over $7800 within 10 days. Art became my parallel profession from just being a hobby during COVID lockdown. I increased my monthly revenue by 55% in just 30-days. I did all these without having any social followers.
- Dr. Amrita Gandhi
I was waiting for “perfect” results before I could believe in my artistic potential. Meeta taught me to believe in what I can achieve first and the results will follow. Under her guidance, I learned that it only takes ONE painting to be able to paint masterfully! I felt so proud and accomplished after completing my first project painting and would highly recommend her to anyone with dreams of becoming a professional artist.
- Sharon Darrow
I wanted to improve my painting skills and turn my artwork into a real business. But I had no idea where to start or if it was even possible to make a decent living as an artist. Meeta helped me realize how important it is to believe in yourself and overcome your fears. She helped me to open my eyes and forced me to face my fears. Meeta is an excellent teacher. She teaches the skills you will need to succeed as an artist. From her, I learned more in 10 weeks than I had in a year learning on my own.
- Nora Becker

This step-by-step masterclass will reveal the secrets of becoming a confident watercolor professional (even if you've tried and failed in the past)

*Earnings and income representations made by Meeta Dani and her clients are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. Artists who don't work hard in their art profession, give excuses, not willing to learn new skills, and give up easily, get ZERO results. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results.
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